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Installation and adjustment of Motorized valve

Installation and adjustment of Motorized valve, we need note below:

1.Purchase model specifications according to the figure will be installed and fixed, the back plate of the grounding terminals must be reliable grounding.

2.The circuit diagram of the controller and the electric device is the same, Connect the controller and the electric device with the same terminal number,
If the user doesn't need the field control, the 12,13,14 terminal can don't connect. When Motorized valve controller is used in the automatic control system,12,13,14 terminal for "automatic", "automatic off" signal input terminal.

3. Press the power button, the power indicator light, The scene switches to the remote control remote control, remote control indicator light.

4. With the hand wheel to open the motorized valve to 50%, Press the open or close the valve key to check whether the Motorized valve's rotation is consistent,If not, immediately press stop button to cut off the three-phase power supply, replace any two phases in the three-phase power supply.

5. Press open key, valve is fully opened, front panel open valve light,press close key, valve is completely closed, front panel off valve light;
When the valve in the process of opening or closing need to stop, press the stop button, the valve stops.
The number 4 and 7 terminals are short, the front panel of the incident light.

6. When the valve is in full open position, Adjust the front panel to adjust the potentiometer, so that the opening table shows 100%.

7.The remote control switches to the scene, the scene light, Short circuit 12 and 13 terminal, valve and open to run, for the point of dynamic state;
Short circuit 12 and 14 terminals, the valve to close to the operation, for the point of dynamic state.

8. Insurance on the rear panel 5 x 20,1A.

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