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The diversity of motorized valves provides you with options

Motorized valves have a variety of forms of work including swing, lift, ball type, piston type and separation disc swing type. Among them, the open type rotary motorized valve is suitable for most of the non volatility. Swing type motorized valve is used in the vertical pipe and then the valve has a stop block to prevent the valve flap over top dead center and open.

Swing type motorized valve can not be used in the flow direction down the vertical pipe. If used for low fluctuations, low flow speed, the swing type motorized valve will occur vibration and will eventually damage the sealing surface. In order to extend the service life, the valve can be coated with a layer of tungsten chromium cobalt alloy. In order to reduce the leakage of the valve seat, the elastic seal should be used. Removable seats should be preferred, because they are easy to repair, and easy to replace seals in the valve.

Motorized valve has O type and V type. O type adopts floating structure, the ball core is precision casting,Seat with PTFE, the same channel port and the pipe diameter, flow capacity great, flow resistance is extremely small, closed without leakage, generally do switch valve, especially for high viscosity. V type with a fixed structure, the ball core is open V type incision, can realize the shear of fiber dimension, granular media.

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