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Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve (S25-B2-C)

>> Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve (S25-B2-C)

Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve (S25-B2-C)

S25-B2-C Timer Controlled Motorized Ball Valve

Technical Parameters:

Product size NPT/BSP 1/2",  NPT/BSP 3/4",  NPT/BSP 1"  (Optional)
Max working pressure 1.5 MPa
Circulation medium Fluid, Air
Rated voltage AC/DC9-24V, AC110-230V (Optional)

Working current ≤ 500MA
Open/close time ≤ 7 Sec
Life time 70,000 times
Valve Body material Brass, Nickel plated Brass, 304/306 Stainless steel(Optional)
Actuator material Engineering Plastics
Sealing material EPDM & PTFE
Actuator rotation 90°
Max. torque force 4 N.M
Cable Length 0.5m,1.5m(Optional)
Environment temperature -15℃~50℃
Liquid temperature 2℃~90℃
Manual override No
Indicator Yes
Protection class IP67
Time control range

0 H : 0M :0S --99 H 59 M 59 S

Product application :

Economic Mini Motorized Ball Valve in 2 or 3 way

Timer Control Motorized Ball Valve in Grey or Black housing

Water Leak Alarm & Automatic shut off system

Auto drain & Water cooling system

Electric brewing system

Heating & Cooling HAVC system

Water cooling bleed system

Rain water harvesting

Solar heating,undefloor heating

Irrigation system

Leak detection & water shut off system

Water saving system

And some other automatic control system.....

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